Burlan Manufacturing also operates the divisions of Carolina Strapping and Buckles Company, Carolina Webbing, and Burlan Laminates, and offers a wide range of quality industrial product lines. See below for more information.

Visit Carolina Strapping and Buckles Company at CarolinaStrapping.com for woven lashing and strapping, and composite and bonded strapping.

Carolina Strapping and Buckles Company offers:

  • GatorLASH®
  • GatorSTRAP®
  • MakoSTRAP®
  • ZippSTRAP®

Visit Carolina Webbing at CarolinaWebbing.com for synthetic webbing products including:

  • Polyester Sling Webbing
  • Polyester Tie Down Webbing
  • Polyester Buffer Web
  • GatorEDGE®


Visit Burlan Laminates at BurlanLaminates.com for industrial and commercial applications including:

  • Tents and lightweight structures
  • Covers and curtains for industry including agriculture
  • Ducting products